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Faversham Food Guide

on December 6, 2013

Here is a link to our Faversham Food Guide, put together by the Food Group.

The TTF Food Group wishes to encourage residents to make more use of the wonderful food that is produced in and around Faversham. Eating local food reduces food miles, keeps money in our community and tastes excellent! This guide brings together details of many of our local food producers and where consumers can buy their products.

All of the food promoted in this guide comes from within approximately a five mile radius of Faversham. We are fortunate to have a number of producers of fruit, vegetables, meat, cheese and drinks in our local area. There are many other food producers further afield but within the borders of Kent and these are well-documented by the organisation Produced in Kent on their website and in their

booklet. We suggest you look here for information on types of food that are not included in this guide.

The section on pubs, restaurants and cafes includes those that serve a high proportion of local foods. These will vary depending upon the season and we suggest you ask before you order if you want to be sure of local provenance.

While we have tried to be inclusive we may have missed out some local food producers or suppliers. If you know of any that you feel should be in this guide and are not please let us know by e-mailing us at We can then add them when we are next updating the information.

One response to “Faversham Food Guide

  1. Barry Morgan says:

    Brilliant idea
    Thanks to all who put this together

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