Transition Town Faversham

From oil dependence to local resilience

Plastic Bag Campaign

The Group have led a strong campaign against the use of plastic bags within the town. We have worked together with local businesses and shoppers to reduce the number of plastic bags in the town by raising awareness of the problems that the over-use of plastic bags cause.

In September 2009 we held an event in the Market Square for International plastic bag free day. We held an amnesty in which locals could bring 10 of their plastic bags and swap them for a cloth bag. The cloth bags were hand-made by members from old curtains and unwanted material. Local supermarkets Macknades, Co-op and Tesco also donated cloth bags for the campaign. Local shops stopped handing out plastic bags for the day and we also held demonstrations on how to make your own bag as well and other upcycling crafts.

For more information on making bags, take a look at Morsbags:

Following this the group designed handy cards reminding people to remember their reusable carriers before leaving the house. We handed these out to shops and to the public. Look out for them in your local shops. Macknades Fine Foods reported such success from the card handouts that they now regularly run out of reused cardboard boxes for their customers to use!

In March 2010 we showed the film “message in the waves” at the Arden Theatre which is about marine plastic and it’s damage to the seas & wildlife. Again we handed out homemade bags to those that came.

Bag Making at the library

Working with Tesco to decrease the numbers of plastic bags they handout.

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