Transition Town Faversham

From oil dependence to local resilience

About Us

Transition Town Faversham wants to help the local community deal with climate change and the end of cheap energy (oil and gas). The group aims to create a stronger, happier local community, which will be able to face these future challenges together and move gracefully into a more sustainable way of life. We call this process ‘transition’. There are now Transition Towns all over the world, all working on local solutions to global problems.

What Are We Doing?

Transition Town Faversham is doing positive things to:

  • reduce waste, rampant consumerism, and carbon emissions,
  • promote local food security,
  • promote green and renewable energies,
  • promote the town’s local economy,
  • share knowledge and skills about more sustainable living

Why are we doing this?

The world is running out of the cheap oil and gas that we all depend upon to heat our homes, cook, run our cars, make our plastics, and so much more. On top of that we have climate change affecting our water levels, our soils, and eventually our food supplies.

Transition Towns, as a network of local communities, are preparing for a future world with a changing climate, and depleting natural resources.

Take a look at the presentation we gave to a local school recently about the Transition Town by clicking on the link below:


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