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Apple Press Project

Apple Press Share

Do you have apple trees that produce so much fruit a lot goes to waste?

Do you know of apples that aren’t being eaten?

Then buy a share in our apple pressing equipment. As well as providing you with fresh, local and tasty apples juice you will also be reducing the amount of juice you buy, the disposable packaging used and your carbon footprint.

The equipment consists of an apple scratter, which crushes whole apples ready for pressing and an apple press, which is a rack and cloth design. It can manage over 20 kgs of apples at a time & produces at least 10lts of juice each press. One pressing takes about half an hour. We also have a pasteuriser. This means your juice will last up to a year rather than a few days.

A share costs £58 per household. This will entitle you use of the equipment for 2 days of the season. However, we hope that shareholders will get together for apple parties allowing them to mix apple types & enjoy juicing together.

You will need to provide bottles for storage of your juice and you will also need a battery or mains run drill for the scratter. Everything else is provided.  Of course if you want to make cider, brewing equipment will be needed.

If you would like to buy a share in the press or just for further information please call or email me.

I look forward to hearing from you

Anna Le Grange

01795 530512


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